BBC Radio 4: Focus on International Child Abduction

The BBC Radio 4 Face the Facts programme gives an introduction to international child abduction cases affecting parents in the UK. It focuses on signatories to the Hague Convention and on the difficulties in dealing with non-Hague Convention countries. The programme features stories of individual parents as well as legal experts on international child abduction – Lord Justice Thorpe and barrister Jacqueline Renton.

A recording of the programme is available here.

2 responses to “BBC Radio 4: Focus on International Child Abduction

  1. There is now a petition to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to help bring home the 4 American children abducted by their non-custodial Russian mother. Russia is not honoring the Hague Convention.

  2. Tashalaw, thanks for posting this link, as otherwise I would not have found the programme. To be candid, it seemed slanted toward the emotional side of parental child abductions. More useful would have been the practical steps that should be taken to improve things. Plenty of waffling from the woman who was the voice of the Hague convention, mentioning its relatively few successes to justify so many instances of non-compliance.

    Great blog – please keep it up!

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