About Tashalaw

I am English/Nigerian/German mixed with some French, a law and politics graduate and a legal journalist. I’ve worked at the UN, for barristers, judges, in courts, at solicitor’s firms, in legal publishing and translation. I also speak German, love people and I have two degrees, but I still found myself barely employed and poorly paid, if at all. I realised a little late that my skillset was not so unusual in a weak economy flooded with law and economics graduates that speak several languages.

In a time where over half of law graduates are under or unemployed and most young people are strapped for cash, it’s difficult living in big expensive cities. Creating your own occupation seems the best way to go about it, while making the most of the world we live in. I started writing, cycling everywhere, going to free exhibitions and parties, buying my food from markets and making my own mango lassies. Things aren’t so bad after all.

I mostly write about legal issues for the very few people that would count that as fun…and for those who may find it interesting or informative…because perhaps like me they have studied law at great length and now feel compelled to get involved somehow.

If you have any ideas or you would like to contribute you can contact me at tashalaw.blog@gmail.com

One response to “About Tashalaw

  1. Good luck with the Portuguese!
    A language is always a plus. If it doesn’t help with the job search, it will help when you travel or if you want to explore a country’s literature.

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